Grand Liker (Ghost Liker) APK v2.52 Latest FB Liker Download for Android

Thanks for coming back to Free Mobile APK site, we always try to provide you better and working apps here. And do not upload an app that does not work for you and no fake apps too. We are trying to upload virus free apps on this blog. Keeping such an effort, we're offering another app for you. This is for Facebook users, which is very needed. this is one of the most searched Fb auto Liker apps. We have already shared some working and free Liker Apps, for example, DJ Liker APK, IndoLiker APK and Simple Liker APK for you to use it for increasing your social presence. Grand Liker (Ghost Liker) is one of These apps and it will increase likes on your Facebook post.

Getting likes on Facebook is so much fun, every user on Facebook want to enjoy this fun. Each Facebook user wants to get a lot of Likes on their facebook post. Download this Grand Liker (Ghost Liker) APK if you are included in them. This is a great app that works 100% and magically increases the likes on your Facebook photos and all type of post. This is the best App to get free and fast likes on every facebook post for free. Grand Liker (Ghost Liker) APK makes possible to gain thousands of likes for every Facebook user on each and every Facebook post for free. This app will satisfy all users.

If you do not have, download Grand Liker (Ghost Liker) now and try it out. After using it your heart will be happy, You will love this Auto Liker App. The Likes will come to you in just a few seconds after a simple click. Grand Liker (Ghost Liker) APK is free for download and use. This app is safe and secure for download and use. The Ultimate goal of this app is increasing free likes on your facebook photos videos and status for free.

How To Use Grand Liker (Ghost Liker) APK:

Sign in with your Facebook account and open the post or picture in which you want to get the Likes. Here you will see a button, click on it and enjoy free likes. If you have not used Fb Liker Apps then don't worry this app is easy to use and simple to understand. You need to change your photo privacy into public because every FB Liker is working only on a public post. And one more thing to remember is your age must be more than 18+ to use this App on your profile.

Features of the Grand Liker (Ghost Liker) APK:

  • Easy to use and download.
  • Saving time.
  • Fast and free for use.
  • Increasing likes in large numbers.
  • The press likes button.
  • Top rated FB Liker APK.
  • Likes will increase in few seconds.
Facebook liker Apps are against of Facebook terms of use. You have to use it at your own risk.

In this page, you will find much more such apps, If you are not satisfied with it then try another Facebook Liker App. To download Grand Liker (Ghost Liker) APK file click on the download button below.

File Details:
App Name: Grand Liker / Ghost Liker
version: 2.52
APK Size: 3.9MB
Developers: ApentalCalc
Requires System: All Android phones
Price: Free

Download Links:

Grand Liker (Ghost Liker) v2.52 APK>> Download
Grand Liker (Ghost Liker) v0.1 APK>> Download