ApentalCalc APK V2.52 (Latest) Download Free Facebook Liker App for Android

ApentalCalc APK

ApentalCalc APK:

You are here to download ApentalCalc APK for your Android mobile phone. ApentalCalc is one of the most popular and fast-growing App to get free facebook likes on your posts. You can get 10,000+ like on your photos and status for free. This Facebook Liker is also known as FB Auto liker. The current trends of social media reveal that social status is judged by the number of followers and likes one got. Unlike the regular users who keep their social media profiles updated and attract lots of fellow users to keep their followers and get sufficient notifications to fit in the media group, many users can’t find sufficient time and material to attract the fellow followers and likes.
If you are one of them you do not need to worry because Android developers come up with ApentalCalc Auto liker application designed for Facebook to keep your profile look noticeable with extracting likes on your posts from real users.

What is ApentalCalc APK:

ApentalCalc FB Auto Liker App is a Free, reliable, safe and easy application to boost up your likes on Facebook without any effort but by following and couple of simple steps

How to use Apentalcalc APK?

This is a very important question of the ApentalCalc users. The App is very easy and simple to use.
First of All, you need to download Apentalcalc APK. Click on the Download button below to Download the APK file on your mobile phone. After Downloading, Install it on your device.
When Installation is complete this App will create shortcut automatically on your phone's screen.
  • Open the App And login to your Facebook account. 
  • The Facebook interface maybe looks change on this app 
  • Choose the photo you want to boost and get likes on it 
  • Open the photo normally As you do regularly. 
  • Check out the privacy of the photo, if this is shared with the public (everyone can like and comment ) then it's ok if it's not public then you have to change the privacy into the public. 
  • If you liked your own photo than unlike that because ApentalCalc will not work on the photos you already liked. 
  • After the successful selection of the photo, a green button will appear on the screen with a question. 
  • Do you want Likes on it? 
  • Click the button and wait for few minutes. 
  • The process will be completed in two minutes. 
  • Now you will see the Magic of ApentalCalc. 
  • The Likes on your photo will increase

How is Possible to get free Likes?

This is social sharing system. simply you will give likes to others and you will earn likes from others. As long as you keep this app on your mobile phone you will get likes on your all type of Facebook posts.This all process is automatic. You do not need to do anything, your work is only selecting photos.

Key Features of ApentalCalc APK:

  • Get free like on anyone's photo.
  • Free and Real likes on facebook photos.
  • 1000 like in a day.
  • Safe and free for the user.
  • Get like on Facebook page or friends. 
  • Get Likes and comments from a specific area. 

How to Install Apentaclac Liker APK:

First of all download the APK file from the below, click on the download button at the end of this Page. both old and latest version of ApentalCalc Liker is available on this page.
When downloading of APK complete go to the sd card or file manager and open the APK file, click install
  • Now run it APK.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Click on the done after install complete.
Suggestion For your peace of Mind if you are worried about your Account's safety:
Make a new Facebook account to get Likes on your real Account because you can get likes on everyone's photos
This is one of the most trusted and famous facebook software for androids to get likes for free. You can get unlimited likes on your every post on Facebook with help of this useful facebook like software. If you are not satisfied with the performance of ApentalCalc Liker APK than download other Facebook Liker Apps. You will find popular Liker Apps like Mg Liker APK on this website.

File Details:

App Name: ApentalCalc
Version: v2.52
APK size: 3.9MB
Developer: Apental
Required System: All Android OS
Price: Free

Download Links:

ApentalCalc APK V2.52 Download
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