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call-and-sms-blocker-APKCall and SMS Blocker APK:

Call and SMS Blocker can save you from unnecessary SMS and calls. With this app, you can stop all SMS and calls that tackle you and waste your time.
Have you ever thought about how to stop these troubled phone calls and SMS? Now call and SMS Blocker can give you a peaceful life. Often people are disturbed by SMS and Miss Call. People are looking for an app that will save them from this problem. Previously this type of apps was not available, but now there are so many excellent apps that can solve your problems easily. One of these famous apps is Call and SMS Blocker app. If you suffer from such a problem, just download this app. And finish your problem. Call and SMS Blocker is the most effective app to easily block unwanted calls or text messages. This application is great for you, you will not have to worry about unwanted messages and calls,

What is Call and SMS Blocker:

Call and SMS Blocker is free Android App which will help you to secure yourself from disturbing calls and Messages.  This is one of the most popular Calls and SMS Blocker App for Android phones. With this Call and SMS Blocker, you can block all wanted and unnecessary calls.

key Features OF Call and SMS Blocker:

This application will offer you great features:
  • Add numbers to blacklist
  • Block unwanted calls and SMS
  • Lock phone number
  • Filtering phone calls
  • Easy to use
  • Free for use and download
  • Auto delete unwanted calls and SMS
  • Add or deleted numbers from call logs
  • Different blocking moods
  • Block all unwanted call and SMS
  • Easy to use
  • Free for download and use
  • Fast SMS and call blocker
The Download Link For Call and SMS Blocker APK is at the bottom of this page. Tap on The Download link and get the Call and SMS Blocker APK file for free.
Call and SMS Blocker APK File Details:
App Name: Call and SMS Blocker
Package Name: Call and SMS Easy Blocker.apk
APK size: 0.98 MB

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