ORG 2017 APK Download for Android (Latest) V1.4.5

Download-ORG-2017-full-APKORG 2017 is a great music app. Which can be your lonely time partner. This app has more than 100 cultural and modern sounds of music. All kinds of music can be played on it. It's everyone's favorite app for ordinary people and professional people.If you look forward to playing music on your mobile, then download this app. It's free and does not require any Internet service to use it. It is not necessary to be professional to use it. It is very easy to use. You will learn as you use. Playing music on it is very easy and fun.  It's a musical and audio App. ORG 2017 is a Piano for Android mobile phones. it has 4.3 ratings in google play store. 4.3 is the top rating for any musical App in Google store. This app is listed in the Music and Audio App list in play store. ORG v2017.1.4.5  is a best musical App with more than 1000 musical instruments. and its most featured musical App right now. It's very professional and powerful musical keyboard. ORG v2017.1.4.5 Can be the best musical App without Any doubt because of its Musical tools and sounds. there are more than 1000 music styles. if you are interested in music you have to download this App on your Android phone. this is ideal ORG App for the beginners and professional because it's as easy as best with the thousands of music styles.

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More About ORG 2017: 
  • Musical Instruments are More than 1000
  • DNC (define nuance control) tools and touch system
  • music styles are more than 1000, and you can touch 3 buttons in a one time
  • drums are more than 10 different traditional sounds, eg Arabic, Khaliji ETC
  • You Can Record And Share
  • filters and effects are available in this App
  • sing a song, record playback songs on ORG 2017
  • you can change the volume of every instrument
  • changing of instruments is fast and easy
  • Music  styles can be changed in different traditional kinds of music
  • the keyboard is in 2 rows
What's New In ORG 2017:
Most Of the Reported Bugs Are Fixed
This ORG APP is in Multiple Colors
fixed Sound Issues
Added more sounds and music instruments
the black colored skin of this App has been improved
ORG 2017 Can Access:
App Parches
Read phone status and information of mobile device
Photo Media Files
Recorded Audios
phone and Call information
Read Network Connection And access
Requirement For ORG 2017
Android 3.2 and up
Contact Developers:
If you like music and want to play music easily on mobile, download this app. This is the latest piano that is now available for your mobile.
ORG 2017 APK Download for Android ( Latest )  V1.4.5