Machine Liker V1.3 Apk download (Latest) For Android


Machine Liker APK:

Machine Liker is a social trade framework known as Facebook Auto Liker (FB Liker, Facebook Auto Liker). Which gives free likes and comments to your Facebook posts for 100% free. This is an app that can provide comments and likes on your Facebook photo and other posts. This  App was made in 2012 by Mustafa Hassan. The majority of the Tools you see on Machine Liker are free and allowed to use for any reason, even for business. This is checked and its confirm that its 100% working  App. Machine Liker for Facebook is one of the most popular and best App to get likes on Facebook.
Machine Liker is a safe and secure app, any information you enter in this app is highly secure and safe. this is available for Android mobile phones and Tablet phones. This App is working only On the public post of Facebook, it can not work on the private post and shared with the only friends. You can get free likes, and comments only On Public post, e.g photos, videos or status you shared on Facebook publicly. If you need best and working Facebook/FB Liker App to get likes and comments on your post and photos then download Machine Liker Apk for your Android or tablet phones. You are at right place for FB/Facebook Liker APK you can Also get reactions on your post of Facebook and All of this is Just for free. You can get more than 1000 likes and comments. You can become famous among your friends
Key Features of Machine Liker App:
Instant Likes:
You can boost your facebook post, Photos and video to get free likes
100% Free Liker App:

  • Machine Liker APK is free for download, Free for use
  • Safe and secure Liker App:
  • Machine Liker is one of the safest and secure Liker for Facebook users.
Features of Machine Liker:
  • Best And Known As All in one FB Auto Liker App
  • Easy to use
  • Free and Safe
  • Provides Free like and comments
  • Provides free likes and comments on Facebook posts
  • Free for use and free for download
  • Much more features
How To Download Machine Liker APK:
If you are interested to get free likes on facebook through a Liker app you have to try Machine Liker. Click on the download button at the end of this Page To Download the Apk file. The latest version is also available at the bottom of the page.
How to Use Machine Liker App:
The use of Machine Liker is very easy for the Android users. you have to do some advance work in your account setting for free likes via Machine Liker app.
Before using Machine Liker App do the below things in your account setting on Facebook:
  1. change your facebook follower setting, set who can follow me to "everybody/Public"
  2. Your age on Facebook account must be 18+  if it does not then change the birth date on facebook
  3. Set Facebook posting privacy to public
  4. Open the Machine Liker App and go to Token generator page
  5. Get a token and the past in the given link,  enjoy the free likes of Machine Liker App.
To use machine Liker App you Must Agree to Terms Of service of Machine Liker.
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File Details: 
App Name: Machine Liker
Developer: Mustafa Hassan
Key Features: Free Facebook Likes, Comments, and Reactions
Download Links:
Machine Liker APK V1.0  Download
Machine Liker APK V1.3  Download (Latest)